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Ask Us (Again)
What I was thinking when I made this:

Rivers: Ugh... Drawing is difficult. 
Leaf: I didn't think so. Just put your mind to the paper and let it soar!
Rivers: Eh... But what if I cant draw what I imagine?
Leaf: Erm... Pfffffft, I dunno. Hay! If you don't know what to draw, just ask!
Rivers: Ask? Aren't I doing that now?
Leaf: No no no! Think about it. What's the one way you can interact with people anddddd easily get things to draw?(Plus it's lazy) 
Rivers: Wait... Wait! An ask blog!
Leaf: Yeaaaaaaaaa
Rivers: Yeaaaahh


Okay, okay, okay! For serious. Ask is back and yeah. 

So ask anything! Go crazy. Here are some examples.

"___ what do you enjoy doing?"
"Hay, ___ how do you feel about __?" 
"___ I dare you to ___ to ___"
"___ so what would you do if ___?"

The thing is, try to make the questions like... I dunno how to say it. But if a question is like "Leaf, what's your favorite color?" I might just reply to your comment with the answer.

You know what? H*CK RULES!!! comment anything! Do whatever you want! This is for YOU guys so enjoy. 
So like, it was SUPPOSE to be a lopunny sitting on a bench and stuff so I could practice shading but like, I made the bench and didn't know how to color it or shade it, than the grass was too plain and lazy and like... the sbsksjsslsls

Anyway I just compromised and had her floating
(I overreact, be weary)

I'd like to share a story if I must. R18+ for graphic content.

There's a guy.
This guy enjoys Sylveon.
It might even be his favorite Pokémon.

Now this guy enjoys drawing.
Drawing is fun to this guy.
He loves to draw things he likes.

He tries to draw Sylveon.
It fails. It fails again. And fails once more.
He accepted that he couldn't do it and moves on.


But, recently I was talking to fuwoops and like, since I'm basically obsessed with Sylveon and he's well aware of that, he asked me why I hadn't made a Sylveon OC.

The thing about it is that Sylveon's eyes are impossible for me to draw. I just. I don't know. I thought I was physically incapable of making them.


Fuwoops, the A N G E L that he is, made an Sylveon eye tutorial justttt for meeeeee. And jeez man, idk how I could thank him really.

Now! The shared story is dead and a new chapter within my life has opened up. And new me. A new life. A turning point. Anyway, words.

(He looks a little chubby, is that just me?)
Idk. I'm practically in love with this character so like, yeah, words.

Chester(I think is the name) belongs to no other than Zorueevee111 
 Panchy71 & fuwoops These individuals has tagged me. So like, now I have to do stuff

Tag Rules: You must answer the following five questions: Fave Food, Sexuality, Fave Song, Fave Show, and BFF; AND you must tag 5 friends!

So yeah, words

  1. Fave Food: That is WRONG of you!1!! To tell me to choose a single dish as a superlative over the rest. Disrespectful (I literally don't know)
  2. Sexuality: Straight like a... like a... counter top? 
  3. Fave Song: It's very difficult to do find just ONE. So of course, I'll have to pick... this  [link] Sorry, I only listen to REAL music.
  4. Fave Show: Amazing World of Gumball ez
  5. BFF: This kid @fuwoops is a pretty s t e l l a r dood. 
Tags: (I really wish people had it on their profile if they liked being tagged or not, I dont want to bother people)



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Dramatic Dodecahedron
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hay, I'm Bashful and welcome to my account! I enjoy drawing, writing, gaming and like... I dunno. To be honest, this introduction stuff is difficult.

1. Always feel free to tag me in stuff on DA, I think that stuff is fun.

2. I love comments. Go ahead and say anything you want, even Role play or give constructive criticism

3. I Roleplay so if you're interested in that, you can find me on:
Kik- JaggedWatermelon
Hangout- (Pm me)
Discord- Bashful #9298

4. I play video games so if you have the following games I'll gladly destroy you in them :3
Pokemon(SunMoon or 6th gen)

5: I do requests but here's the thing about it... I'm forgetful so I might completely forget about it. Ergo, you can totally annoy me. I prolly deserve it. Also, the time they're done is immeasurable.
(But if you watch me just for a request Im probably going to willingly avoid making it)

Yeahhhhhh so stuff. Thanks for reading, I hope to make a lot of friends here and improve on my drawings.


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